3/18 In-class basics, building the foundation of the foot
Sketches were produced based on an in-class drawing demo, which gave us an overview on the 3 different views which could be sketched: side, plantar and lateral. It took some time to figure the best method of constructing my sketches, as I wasn’t producing very consistent sketches. Moreover, the proportion on some of these initial sketches were off.

Quick sketches of the 3 views of the foot: side, plantar, lateral (Moleskine sketchbook)

Self-exploration of feet
Sketches done depicting different positions and angles of feet. My construction lines were very light, but at this point I was becoming more comfortable in constructing without having to use a reference photo. I started manipulating the construction boxes in which I felt comfortable. I found it easier to “conceal” any awkward looking areas in my sketches when I started sketching more dynamic poses, ones which didn’t show the foot flat and static.

Self-exploration of feet in various positions and angles (11x17)

3/23 Half an hour exercise
We took half an hour in class to create sketches of feet. I produced 3 sketches, each sketch taking about 10 minutes each. I implemented a lot more construction lines in these sketches, as they were donewithout the use of any reference photo, but with better understanding of the foot gained from previous practice.

3/24 Shoeing
In this exercise with shoeing, I chose to look at my Nike Air Zoom Hyperace Volleyball Shoes. These are shoes that characteristically have a very thin midsection width, and a rather large portion where the sole is cut out, exposing the midsole. In contrast, the front and back sections of the sole are very wide. While the soles of these shoes are quite stiff, these features help increase the flexibility of the shoe and ease of rapid side-to-side movement in the sport.



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