How People Feel and Think

HPW Fall 2020

The literary proverb “to a thousand readers, there are a thousand hamlets” cleverly summarizes the idea of a pluriverse and describes how people form different opinions. Interestingly, the popular Chinese proverb references western literature, which demonstrates how people’s backgrounds may differ drastically but they are nonetheless connected to one another.
A common occurrence for modern designers is that we tend to only design for happiness and don’t advocate for more complex, emotionally experiencing concepts. We hold good intentions to satisfy our users as much as possible, yet no one can always stay happy. It reminds me of the movie Inside Out, where the main character only finds joy after experiencing sadness. Without one there isn’t the other.
The Matrix of Domination emerges from the concept of intersectionality, which shows how we are privileged or oppressed in relation to different social locations. Our identity is created from a combination of social locations and the degrees of our privilege or oppression vary due to the overlap. Above we have highlighted our respective social location to explore our place in society. It turns out that we are very similar individuals in terms of how privileged and oppressed we are, which stems from our similar backgrounds.



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